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Using a LX90 telescope and a LPI camera you calculate a theoretical spatial resolution of 2 km. With this resolution the moon's diameter is about 2500 pixel. But the LPI offers only 640x480 Pixel.
Therefore I started a moon-puzzle. The photos were/will be taken on different days. Each Day only a 'column' of photos along the terminator/twilight zone, the separation line between light and shaddow. Only along this line craters and mountains reveal their three-dimensional image. Hopefully one day I have a puzzle of the complete moon.

Below picture shows the actual status with 21 individual photos. The blue moon in the background is a map out of the program Virtual Moon Atlas. For this collage the photos were 'only' scaled and rotated but not transformed. Therfore the transitions are not really 'smooth'.

Click into the puzzle to get the full resolution (2500x2500).

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As written in 'How I became an astronomer', my break through in terms of astronomy happend, when I shot some 'simple' constellation photos March 2006. This is one of these photos:

Click into the picture to get the full resolution (2592x1944).

2009 it came into my mind, to photograph all (northern hemispere) constellations and to label them and their stars.

Data for below table was found at 'Wikipedia-Liste der Sternbilder'. Hyperlinks in the left column lead to the constellations in the German Wikipedia.

Hyperlinks in the right column open my own photos. (SWF) and (GIF) animated pictures. Every 5 seconds the labels show and hide again. With your mouse-keys, left for (GIF) and right for (SWF), you can enlarge the picture to full resolution. The (SWF) presentation may also be halted and manually toggled.

Other constellations will follow, but it will take a while auntil all constellation of the northern sky are shot and labled.

Name des Sternbildes
German Name of Constellation
Lateinischer Name
Latin Name
Eigenes Foto
My Photos
Achterdeck des Schiffs Puppis Pup S
Adler Aquila Aql N/S Aql+Del+Sct+Sge (SWF)
Altar Ara Ara S
Andromeda Andromeda And N And+Tri (GIF)
Becher Crater Crt S
Bildhauer Sculptor Scl S
Bärenhüter/Rinderhirte Bootes Boo N Boo+CrB (GIF)
Chamäleon Chamaeleon Cha S
Chemischer Ofen Fornax For S
Delphin Delphinus Del N Aql+Del+Sct+Sge (SWF)
Del+Equ+Sge+Vul (SWF)
Drache Draco Dra N
Dreieck Triangulum Tri N And+Tri (GIF)
Eidechse Lacerta Lac N Lac (GIF)
Einhorn Monoceros Mon N/S
Eridanus Eridanus Eri S
Fische Pisces Psc N/S
Fliege Musca Mus S
Fliegender Fisch Volans Vol S
Fuchs Vulpecula Vul N Del+Equ+Sge+Vul (SWF)
Fuhrmann Auriga Aur N Aur+Tau+Per (GIF)
Füllen Equuleus Equ N Del+Equ+Sge+Vul (SWF)
Giraffe Camelopardalis Cam N
Grabstichel Caelum Cae S
Großer Bär (Großer Wagen) Ursa Major UMa N UMa (GIF)
Großer Hund Canis Major CMa S
Haar der Berenike Coma Berenices Com N
Hase Lepus Lep S
Herkules Hercules Her N
Inder Indus Ind S
Jagdhunde Canes Venatici CVn N
Jungfrau Virgo Vir S/N
Kassiopeia Cassiopeia Cas N Cas (GIF)
Kepheus Cepheus Cep N
Kiel des Schiffs Carina Car S
Kleine Wasserschlange Hydrus Hyi S/N
Kleiner Bär (Kleiner Wagen) Ursa Minor UMi N
Kleiner Hund Canis Minor CMi N
Kleiner Löwe Leo Minor LMi N
Kranich Grus Gru S
Krebs Cancer Cnc N
Kreuz des Südens Crux Cru S
Leier Lyra Lyr N Cyg+Lac+Lyr+Vul (GIF)
Löwe Leo Leo N Leo (GIF)
Luchs Lynx Lyn N
Luftpumpe Antlia Ant S
Maler Pictor Pic S
Mikroskop Microscopium Mic S
Netz Reticulum Ret S
Nördliche Krone Corona Borealis CrB N Boo+CrB (GIF)
Oktant Octans Oct S
Orion Orion Ori N/S Ori
Paradiesvogel Apus Aps S
Pegasus Pegasus Peg N
Pendeluhr Horologium Hor S
Perseus Perseus Per N Aur+Tau+Per (GIF)
Pfau Pavo Pav S
Pfeil Sagitta Sge N Aql+Del+Sct+Sge (SWF)
Phoenix Phoenix Phe S
Rabe Corvus Crv S
Schiffskompass Pyxis Pyx S
Schild Scutum Sct S/N Aql+Del+Sct+Sge (SWF)
Schlange Serpens Ser N/S
Schlangenträger Ophiuchus Oph N/S
Schwan Cygnus Cyg N Cyg+Lac+Lyr+Vul (GIF)
Schwertfisch Dorado Dor S
Schütze Sagittarius Sgr S
Segel des Schiffs Vela Vel S
Sextant Sextans Sex S
Skorpion Scorpius Sco S
Steinbock Capricornus Cap S
Stier Taurus Tau N Aur+Tau+Per (GIF)
Südliche Krone Corona Australis CrA S
Südlicher Fisch Piscis Austrinus PsA S
Südliches Dreieck Triangulum Australe TrA S
Tafelberg Mensa Men S
Taube Columba Col S
Teleskop Telescopium Tel S
Tukan Tucana Tuc S
Waage Libra Lib S
Walfisch Cetus Cet S/N
Wassermann Aquarius Aqr N/S
Wasserschlange Hydra Hya S/N
Widder Aries Ari N
Winkelmaß Norma Nor S
Wolf Lupus Lup S
Zentaur Centaurus Cen S
Zirkel Circinus Cir S
Zwillinge Gemini Gem N

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