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In this section you find a brief description of my astronomy activities and hyperlinks to sub pages

  • Astro-Photography

    Looking at photos published in the World Wide Web I know, that I am at the beginning of the astro-photography learning curve
    But it is amazing what you can achieve with limited resources.
    The sub page shows a moon-puzzle and photographs of constellations.

  • Equipment

    'Equipment' combins anything related to telescopes, mounts, camera-adapters, computer etc.:

    • Technical data and photos of my equipment
    • Do it yourself Section
    • Download-Section

  • Projects

    On this sub page you will find these projects:

    • General calculations
    • Light pollution - Night Sky Brightness Measurement
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How I became an astronomer

It is quite normal, that physicists are fond of astronomy. But my parents, both enthusiastic sailors, taught me the Northern hemisphere constellations already when I was a school boy.

While studying physics my interest in astronomy grew: The German annual book 'Himmelsjahr' was read every year and I shot my first lunar and solar eclipse with an analog SLR-camera. Together with some fellow students we participated in a 5-day-seminar on stellar life hold by Prof. Dr. Rudolf Kippenhahn.

Sleeping for a couple of years my interest awoke again April 4th1996, when I filmed a lunar eclipse with a webcam through a binocular. August 11th 1999 I drove south, almost into France, to observe the total solar eclipse - magnificent! I recorded the Venus transit June 8th 2004 with my first digital compact camera and projection method.

Early 2006 I purchased a 'better' digital compact camera with 12x optical zoom: 'Canon Powershot S2 IS'. And in a clear sky full moon night I shot, just for fun, the moon, some constellations and M44 - that was the break through! Looking for some other astronomy nuts to learn from, I found the local club 'Volkssternwarte Ennepetal e.V.'. February 2007 I bought a second hand Meade LX90 8" telescope from a member of our club. During the annual meeting January 2008 I was elected as 'manager' (= Geschäftsführer), a great honor! Finally (?) November 2009 acquired a 'better' camera, a Canon DSLR.

This is the story how I was infected by astronomy. Anything else could be found at projects.

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Volkssternwarte Ennepetal e.V.

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